Beauty On A Budget | April Edition

Just as most people do sometimes, I went through a financially difficult phase in the past few months. This of course meant making budget-friendly choices when purchasing makeup and skincare. In times like these I obviously tend to not buy anything new at all. Sometimes, annoyingly, it’s unavoidable when products run out and should be repurchased asap.

These are items I often use to create a fairly laid-back look, which is affordable and perfect on a daily basis. All products in total amount to roughly 45€, but I excluded the coconut oil because most people have this in their kitchen already. Bear in mind though that this is only a very minimal routine!

Skincare & Makeup remover

For skincare I considered the very minimum – a basic moisturizer, Salicylic Acid to clear up my hormonally tormented skin, and some coconut oil as a makeup remover. There’s really not much to talk about for this category. Both The Ordinary products work incredibly well and are super affordable too. Coconut oil is a cheap substitute for any store-bought makeup remover, but make sure to keep it out of your eyes.

Makeup | Base

Just as with skincare, I wanted to create a simple base using as few products as possible. (I mean, we’re seriously trying to save some money here.) As my primer, I use the Catrice Prime & Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray all over my face and dab it in with my fingers.

On top of it, I apply a light layer of the Wet ‘n Wild Photo Focus Foundation and some Collection Lasting Perfection concealer where needed. After setting it with powder, I use NYX’s HD Blush in Taupe as both my contour and blush. Its subtle ashy colour is very suitable for very fair to light skin types.

My highlighter is from the German drugstore. The Trend It Up Natural Radiant one is quite good, not too chunky and can be built up for a more intense effect. Granted, it’s nowhere near as magical as the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, but it works as an everyday highlight.

On more dry skin days, I apply another thin mist on the Catrice priming spray to set my makeup and achieve a more dewy finish.

Makeup | Eyes & Lips

On minimal makeup days I don’t use eyeshadows at all. Instead, I apply Colourpop’s Crème Gel Liner in Call Me according to taste. Sometimes I go for a full winged liner, other days I smoke it out for a more grungy effect. It works in so many different ways and gives a little pop of colour as well.

On my lashes I use the Catrice Glamour Doll mascara in waterproof. It’s affordable, holds a curl reliably and doesn’t smudge. For my eyebrows I use the Artdeco Eye Brow Pencil in Light Grey Brown.

To finish up the look, I apply a preferred shade of the Essence Longlasting lipsticks and I’m ready to roll.

Do you have any recommendations for budget-friendly makeup? I’m still searching for a more affordable priming spray and foundation, and possibly a cheaper contour / blush product. Signature Kim

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