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The season of fashion weeks is already over, but I couldn’t resist looking into the lesser known Tokyo Fashion Week anyway. I’d heard a lot about the more unusual creations that tend to walk the runways there. For me this fashion week was very mixed – either I adored the clothes or just didn’t see myself ever wearing anything comparable. Mostly I was kind of surprised that most of the collections were considered Ready To Wear, even though some of them seemed pretty eccentric. But there were also some pieces I fell completely in love with. Here are some of my favourites which I would love to have in my closet.


This collection had lots of oversized pieces, as well as clear lines and geometric and checked patterns. I didn’t like all of the looks, but some pieces really spoke to me. One was this high waist skirt combining a very clear design in black with a more playful use of a red and black checked pattern worked in (look 3). I don’t own lots of patterned pieces, they mostly are a bit too messy for me, so I really enjoyed this combination making checked patterns more wearable for me.


This collection showed pieces for both men and women, blurring the gender lines a bit. There were lots of dark colours and mixed checked patterns, as well as lots of layers and oversized pieces and a few splashes of really bright colours. What I liked most were two rather different pieces.

The first was a leather jacket with a slight twist (look 5). What drew me to this one was the subtle mix of leather with a checked pattern fabric. I also like the length – I love jackets just reaching the waist – and the only slightly oversized vibe. This would definitely be one of these go-to pieces to throw over practically anything.

The second piece was this kind of deconstructed burgundy skirt combining a heavy material in a wrap look with leather around the waist looking like a part of a biker jacket (look 32). It seems like such an unusual statement piece to me and I’d love to wear it. I wouldn’t, however, combine it with a bright blue sweater and checked tights – that’s a bit too much of an optical adventure in my opinion. But I could definitely see the skirt with a clean cut black shirt, some sheer black tights and a pair of high heeled pumps.

Tae Ashida

I was extremely fascinated by Tae Ashida’s creations. The outfits had very different vibes but still somehow belonged together: From more sporty, clean cut lines, fluffy, cozy materials paired up with camouflage print, to sheer fabrics, delicate lace and shimmering velvet. The colour range had everything between black and grey to strong red and blue. I didn’t love every outfit, but the ones I did I wanted to steal straight from the runway.

This kind of kimono-jacket just screamed comfy and elegant at the same time (look 34). The small fringe detail makes it kind of playful. The dark grey colour looks great with black and would also be a nice contrast to a dark blue or red. It would be a great material to mix with something smoother like satin or leather – but it would also work well with some dark denim.

I don’t usually like bows on anything – neither on shoes, nor jackets or blouses. So I was somewhat surprised about myself practically jumping at this dress (look 37). I can only explain it with the harsh, black, a-line skirt part of the dress perfectly balancing out the sheer and decorated top part, as well as the bow which accentuates the waist in a not too outstanding way. This dress would definitely be something for a special occasion.


Talking about special occasions: This piece certainly deserves its own runway. I love the combination of the sheerness and the high-neck cut with buttons (look 47). I love the deep red flowers, reminding me of poppies, the slim velvety belt ending in a small bow around the waist (another exception), and the black tights and the underdress all working together to give this very romantic vibe. With an undertone of “don’t mess with me”. I would wear it pretty much exactly the way it’s presented – maybe with some leather ankle boots.


Does anyone on this side of the world ever have reason to wear a full-on traditional kimono look? No. But that doesn’t change the fact that, in my eyes, Jotaro Saito’s collection was breathtakingly beautiful. I just had to include at least one of them to honour the pure aesthetic perfection of these designs. The combination of colours and patterns is just brilliant – and I’m not someone who normally appreciates a pattern mix. And I’m also not usually someone going for a completely grey look. But this kimono was still my absolute favourite (look 44).


Have you looked into Tokyo Fashion Week? If so, what were your thoughts? Do you have any favourite pieces? And if not, did my favourites make you want to see more?

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