Monthly Favourites | February Loves

February was a busy month that ended far too quickly. However, there were some things I really enjoyed and wanted to share with you.

For The Body

The treaclemoon Those Lemonade Days shower gel is my absolute favourite at the moment. Besides feeling great on my skin, its outstanding feature certainly is the fresh smell. In a way this reminds me of my favourite lemon biscuits. It gives me a happy feeling and makes me feel fresh and awake every time I use it. It’s also a hint of summer, brightening up the rather rainy days.

For The Hands

I wash my hands a lot, so they tend to be quite dry – especially in winter. I’ve made it a habit of always carrying hand cream with me. This almond milk and honey version from The Body Shop is my current go-to-product. It is absorbed really quickly, feels nourishing but not heavy and smells really good but not too artificial. And last but not least: It has a great size to be carried around in an already rather full bag.

For The Fingers

I really like jewellery but also tend to be rather picky. I just own about three rings that I wear on a semi-regular basis. This one, however, I instantly fell in love with. I love the delicacy of the gold band and the dark blue colour of the sapphires. It’s pretty and embellished but at the same time low-key enough to work with nearly anything. And it also has sentimental value, since it’s been my Mum’s and she passed it over to me.

For The Nose

I may be picky concerning jewellery (and a lot of other things, if I’m being honest) but there’s probably nothing I’m as pedantic about as perfume. Finding one I like is really hard and takes a nearly obscene amount of time. So when I stumble upon a perfume that works for me, I stick to it like glue. This one I got as a tester – a really cute looking one – and I’m dreading the day when there won’t be anything left. Aqua Allegoria (Pera Granita) by Guerlain is a fresh but at the same time sweet citrus fragrance – but it’s not heavy. I really enjoy this one for everyday.

For The Eyes

I bought the Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara by essence some time ago, but only got to actually try it out a couple of days ago. (I had to part ways with one of my favourites that I had already kept for far too long.) However, I certainly didn’t regret my decision, because this one is just perfect for me. The brush doesn’t pick up too much product and the colour’s really pretty. This mascara gives my lashes a lot of length and volume and a feathery look without being clumpy. Regarding the very low price this is nothing short of amazing.

For The Mind

Even though sometimes the word love is used kind of excessively, I certainly do love books. My favourites this month were Emily Croy Barker’s The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Real Magic and A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.

The first one is a very enjoyable fantasy novel that, for a change, doesn’t have a young adult protagonist. Instead, the main character is a woman closer to her thirties, struggling with her academic career. It is well written, with a take on fairies I really liked and interesting multi-faceted characters. I especially enjoyed the main characters with their quirks and faults, as well as the kind of scientific take on magic. Breaking a spell with maths is an idea I hadn’t encountered before. There were – of course – typical fantasy novel features and some plot elements that didn’t really surprise me (alsoI didn’t like the non-existing ending). Still, the book had a very characteristic tone and point of view that made it a fun and a little bit different read.

While the first book was an enjoyable and light read, the second one was a heavier, but not less captivating experience. I never watched the film A Clockwork Orange, because I always intended to read the book first. (And I’m glad I did.) From the philosophical take on free will, the kind of futuristic setting, to the absolutely mind-blowing language, it’s an amazing book. It’s a challenge to get into it at first, but then it’s also kind of scary how fast you get used to and drawn in by the youth language which has Russian elements. Burgess really managed to create the brainwashing effect he wanted to demonstrate with this jargon. If you’re open to something different and mesmerizing, give it a try! (However, if you have a problem with a strong depiction of violence, you might want to be cautious with this one.)

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