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I love to constantly hunt for my next favourite lipstick. A few weeks ago I looked around in the drugstore and realised that I hadn’t tried nearly enough of the available natural makeup brands. And since there are worse ideas than using lipsticks made of more natural, less chemical ingredients, I purchased a couple of them to test and see if they can keep up with the rest of my collection.


This lipstick in cranberry red I was drawn to because, when I first swatched it, I thought it was surprisingly opaque. And that is certainly true: You can easily use it as a stain or build up to get an intense colour. I really enjoy the payoff. Compared to the other ones it feels a bit more waxy but still doesn’t dry out my lips. I’m not a big fan of the rather sweet floral scent but it doesn’t throw me off either. What I did notice is that it easily bleeds into the fine lines around my lipline. I’m not entirely sure if that’s due to the colour, the formula, or a combination of both. Whatever it is: I feel more comfortable with this one when using a lip liner. However, considering the low price, it’s definitely worth a try.


From left to right: Benecos, Annemarie Börlind, Sante, Alverde


This lipstick in pink rose is definitely more sheer but you can build it up quite nicely. It’s really hydrating and feels great on the lips. I didn’t notice any bleeding. It’s not surprising that – if you decide to eat with this – you definitely have to reapply it afterwards. My biggest issue with this lipstick is its scent: It’s very fruity sweet and I just can’t stand it. If you don’t mind the smell though and are searching for a light to medium coverage lipstick which leaves your lips feeling hydrated for an undeniably good price, you should definitely check this one out.



This lipstick in No. 13 (Nude Mallow) has more coverage than the Benecos one, but still feels great on the lips. I really enjoy the more unusual colour and its slight shimmer. The scent is sweet and reminds me of candy, but isn’t as intense as the others, so I don’t mind it. What bothers me a little bit is the price of nearly 11€. I do enjoy the colour and the formula, but I’m not sure if I enjoy it enough to legitimise the price.


Annemarie Börlind

I’ve been searching for the perfect rosewood lipstick for quite some time now. I’ve always had an idea of the ideal colour in my head, but somehow never found a product that fit. This one, however, I instantly fell in love with. The colour is amazing and very buildable, it doesn’t have much of a scent and it’s very creamy, hydrating and comfortable. I love to wear it to uni because it fades evenly and I can quickly reapply it without needing a mirror. It’s the priciest of the four lipsticks, but the fact that I’m obsessed with the colour makes it worth it to me.

Overall I have to say that I was really impressed with the products. What I enjoyed most was probably the fact that all of these felt either really good or amazing on my constantly dry lips. I definitely want to check out more brands in the future. Which natural makeup lipsticks do you like? Do you have any advice for me on what to try out next? I’d love to hear your recommendations!


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