On The Road | An Ice Cream Guide To Milan

Some of you may have already seen it on our Instagram – we travelled to Milan for one week. And because it’s Italy, which is world renowned for its fabulous ice cream, we decided to try out one new ice cream parlour each day.

Of course we did extensive research and also took inspiration from fellow bloggers. The Blonde Salad suggested five amazing places and we incorporated two of them into our daily sightseeing plans: Gelato Giusto and Il Massimo del Gelato.


Via Spadari, 13, 20123 Milano

This one’s a small and modern ice cream parlour located relatively close to the Piazza del Duomo and Piazza dei Mercanti. It’s a small shop and there can be quite the queue at times – but don’t let the crowds scare you off! Ciacco is our hands down favourite ice cream in Milan.

They both sell classic flavours and some unusual ones as well (such as cheesecake, lemon and basil, matcha).

Our recommendations: chocolate, cocoa, hazelnut, lemon and basil and peach.

4 flavours for 4,50€

Gelato Giusto

Via S. Gregorio, 17, 20124 Milano

Another small shop a little off track is Gelato Giusto. Besides looking incredibly cute and retro, this parlour sells a small, classic, but excellent assortment of ice cream. As far as we’ve heard their rather experimental flavors seem to vary depending on the day.

Our recommendations: cheesecake and stracciatella.

4 flavours for 4,50€

Il Massimo del Gelato

Via L. Castelvetro, 18, 20154 Milano

Chocolate lovers – listen up! If you’re after different chocolate flavours, Il Massimo is your place to be. Besides that they sell a massive variety of ice cream, and it all tastes fabulous. This parlor’s also located off the usual tourist routes, but stopping by is definitely worth it.

Our recommendations: cioccolato azteco (chili chocolate) and hazelnut.

3 flavours for 3,20€


Via Roma, 1/B, 37121 Verona

To be fair, this ice cream shop isn’t exactly located in Milan, but in Verona. Still, if you end up on a day trip to this absolutely gorgeous city, make sure to drop by Savoia to get yourself a little treat. Their assortment of flavours is huge and it all tastes heavenly. It’s also less frequented by the hoards of tourists that roam around the city.

Our recommendations: crema (vanilla) and truly the most incredible salted caramel ice cream ever.

4 flavours for 4,00€

Good to know

Seating is rarely available in Italian ice cream shops, and if so, places are very limited. Ciacco was the only parlour that offered some seats. We weren’t used to that and wished we would’ve known earlier to make sure our ice cream didn’t melt away instantly.

We hope our little guide to finding amazing Italian ice cream will come in handy to you someday. Have a fantastic time in beautiful Milan! We surely did – definitely also due to the ice cream.

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