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Most of the time I’m rather happy with the makeup items I purchase. I often do research upfront or at least make good use of the available testers in the shop. But there are also times when things just don’t work out the way I hoped they would. I still tend to keep these products because I hate throwing stuff away. However, I recently reorganised my makeup and just had to face the truth. There are some things I never ever use and really need to get rid off . So today, instead of talking about products I like, I’m going to give you a few examples of stuff I regret buying in the first place.

Basic Fail

Before I converted to makeup sponges I was a die-hard foundation brush fan. So when I first tried to find out what the fuss was all about, I simply got a sponge from the drugstore. And even though I love some of the ebelin brushes, their Precision Makeup Egg just didn’t work at all for me. Instead of blending in the base, it just moved the product around, felt very hard on my skin and left me wondering why on earth people would enjoy using something like that. I later discovered a sponge I liked and which worked for me, which is why this one has been sitting around unused for months now. And now it’s finally time to say goodbye.

Do Not Cross This Line

Finding the perfect eyeliner is probably one of the biggest makeup goals. And even though I’ve already found a few products that work well for me, I still enjoy trying out new stuff. But I definitely regret purchasing the essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner. I was at first drawn in by the opaque, matte colour and the brush applicator. On my eyes, however, the product started to bleed into fine lines immediately. And, even worse, after a while (due to the movement of my skin) you could see cracks within the liner and after a few hours the product started coming off in flakes. So… this one’s heading to the bin.

Kiss And Tell

I first got to know Sleek through Kim who told me about their eyeshadow palettes – and I still adore the one I purchased. I wanted to try out more of their stuff and fell for some of the amazing colours of their Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream. So I ignored the fact that liquid lipstick usually isn’t my thing and purchased two of them. And, of course, the joke was on me. These beautiful opaque colours dry out my lips in no time, and, to make things worse, feel really sticky. So after a long time of… I don’t know, waiting for a miracle and pondering the pretty colours and terrible feeling on my lips, I’m finally going to part ways with them.

Gloss Over

Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands and I often reach for their products. A few weeks ago I felt like I really needed a new red lipgloss. So I went into the store and, not having much time, just grabbed the Maybelline Shine lipgloss in 130 (Gleaming Grenadine), even though they had no tester. Well… let’s just say that I won’t buy stuff without testing it beforehand ever again. The shade has a strange undertone, leaning slightly into the orange spectrum, and it does look kind of patchy on my lips. It also tingles on my skin, which I find extremely irritating. But the reason I really regret buying this product is the fragrance. I guess it’s supposed to smell fruity, but to me it’s just far too strong and artificial.

So, what did my product regrets teach me? Have an open ear for recommendations, always test makeup upfront if possible, don’t forget to smell the product. And – as someone with dry lips – don’t just go and purchase liquid lipsticks just because the colour is really pretty.

Do you have any product regrets that taught you something? Let me know!

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