Skin Saviours | Quick Nighttime Routine For Sensitive Skin

After having been troubled with almost manic hormonal breakouts and blemishes that would linger on my face for months and months, my skin’s finally on the road of recovery. It has taken me weeks of trial and error – plus some serious mental breakdowns – to ultimately come up with a nighttime routine that actually works. I’ll keep it simple and short.

Skin type: Sensitive, dry, dehydrated, blemish prone, Rosacea


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I use this cooling and refreshing cleanser to take off the majority of my makeup. It removes pretty much everything, except maybe some stubborn waterproof eye makeup. Also, it’s nourishing without leaving any residue behind and seriously doesn’t strip my skin at all. My face feels moisturized and clean. It’s slightly scented, which doesn’t bother me too much.

My skin seems to love it, so I give it a solid 10/10

Sephora Collection Supreme Cleansing Oil

I bought this at Sephora hoping that it would similar to the The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil I used to love. Unfortunately, to be honest, it’s nothing like it and definitely not the greatest product. Still, I first want to use it up before repurchasing my beloved La Roche Posay Respectissime Eye Makeup Remover.

I only use this to get rid of any waterproof makeup left on my face, and it does an okay job. I’ll finish up the bottle and call it quits afterwards.

All in all, I wouldn’t repurchase it – especially because it leaves my skin dry as hell even though it’s an oil. (And shouldn’t those be nourishing after all?) Therefore: 4/10


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

I always use some light layers of serums to add in a little something for my skin. This Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary gives some serious hydration. My skin practically drinks it up. It’s a great one whenever I feel that my moisturizer only doesn’t do an intense enough job at night. The results are visible immediately; read more about The Ordinary serums in this post of mine.

Does exactly what it’s supposed to and is super affordable: 9/10

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

I’ve been incorporating this Niacinamide serum into my routine to get rid of some of these stubborn hormonal acne marks. It’s a great one for preventing blemishes as well. This serum also absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any residue (which is good for layering products because I hate nothing more than stuff pilling on me).

Great product, great price tag: 8/10


The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

This cream’s quickly absorbed by my skin, but still feels nourishing enough. It layers well on top of other products – sheer layers of those, obviously. Unfortunately, there’s two little drawbacks to this product. One: it’s fragranced, which is not ideal, but okay for the nighttime. Of course you won’t smell the scent lingering on your face when you’re asleep. Two: the packaging is not ideal, because it comes in a little pot. I think it’s a little unhygienic to dig in there with your fingers all the time.

It’s a good moisturiser, but I feel that there’s some better ones out there for the price: 7/10

That’s basically it. Also, please excuse the lack of fancy new products. I’ve had a difficult couple of months financially and wasn’t able to experiment with skincare items as much as I would’ve wanted to. Still, this shows how one doesn’t need to afford the latest high-priced stuff to achieve good results.

I’m still on the hunt for a great moisturiser, so if you have any recommendations for my skin type, please comment down below!

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5 thoughts on “Skin Saviours | Quick Nighttime Routine For Sensitive Skin

  1. Sarah

    Hello Kim,

    Thanks for your reviews of the products you use. Your website looks amazing (lovely photos and down to earth writing).
    I also have rosacea so your reviews have been very interesting. Fingers crossed regarding the treatment your dermatologist recommends for your rosacea.

    I was recommended this moisturizer by a friend with sensitive skin. It is Hada Labo Premium Hyaluronic Lotion (people translate the name of the product in different ways). I’ve used it for a year now, and one bottle has lasted me for the whole year. It’s given my skin sufficient moisture (finally), leaving it soft without causing any problems, and this is all I wanted from a moisturizing lotion (I use serum for other needs, mostly from Ordinary). It is very reasonably priced:

    I also use it together with the hyaluronic toner from the same brand, which provides a splash of extra moisture (sorry, I couldn’t find an English website selling it after a quick look):



    1. blaNKspace

      Hey Sarah!

      Thank you so much for your recommendations – I will look into it once I’ve used up my current moisturizer 🙂

      I hope you’re doing well and your rosacea isn’t too bad at the moment x


  2. Linde

    Hallo Kim, ich ähnle deinem hauttyp sehr, auch wenn ich um einiges älter bin. An Feuchtigkeitscreme kann ich dir die
    cosrx honey ceramide full moisture cream tagsüber, mit sqaualan gemischt, sehr empfehlen . Verträgt sich auch super mit meinem Sonnenschutz. Und wie wäre es abends mit der NMF+ HA von the Ordinary, evtl mit 2Tropfen vom Rose hip Seed oil ( hagebuttenöl) ? Tut mir gut und soll gut gegen Rötungen sein. Meine Tochter(24) verwendet es mit squalane. Lese gern bei euch mit , 🙂 Liebe Grüße linde


    1. blaNKspace

      Hallo Linde, vielen Dank dir für deinen Kommentar! Ich habe auch kürzlich eine Feuchtigkeitscreme von Cosrx gekauft (allerdings eine andere als die, die du vorgeschlagen hast) und werde demnächst mal einen Post dazu hochladen. Danke dir aber für deinen Tipp, ich werde die Creme demnächst auch ausprobieren 🙂 Das rose hip seed oil finde ich persönlich auch super. Schön, dass dir unser blog gefällt – hoffentlich schaffen wir es bald, regelmäßiger zu posten. Liebe Grüße an dich! Kim


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