Wearable Favourites | Milan Fashion Week 2018 Fall Looks

Whilst I was incredibly disappointed with London Fashion Week this season, I was even more in love with the fashion presented at Milan. It seems that it lacked a little of London’s artistic extravagance but instead provided gorgeous wearable items. There were some gorgeous colours, sometimes quite atypical to the usual autumn shades – and most outfits felt powerful and lively.

Teddy coats are a love-hate thing. It’s a simple fact that this won’t ever change. And even if you’re the type of girl that can’t effortlessly rock this look, you’ll probably fall in love with this Missoni coat just as I did. It combines comfort and practicability with an array of stunning autumn colours. My favourite part of it? Its colour block design.

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the hottest brands out there at the moment. No surprise, with the Hadid sisters and supermodels like Hailey Baldwin or Winnie Harlow on his runway. Although most of his looks were not my taste, there were two outfits that mesmerised me.

First off this stunning dress, which paired elegance and a certain playfulness. I feel that this would absolutely fit into any chic summer garden party or other classy event. (And it’s definitely not your usual evening gown.) It’s even more great because most women would be able to pull it off, no matter their height or colour.

Secondly, there is this cutout colour block long-sleeved shirt. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of it. On second glance, however, I loved it. It gives off a grungy vibe without being restrained to black or grey shades, and could easily be incorporated into a more elegant outfit.

Following the theme of unusually elegant items, Dolce & Gabbana absolutely nailed this pair of high-waisted neon purple trousers. I bet no one would have suggested this colour for a classy look, but it works. The silk fabric simultaneously enhances and tones down this bright shade. I can see it both paired with a tailored blazer and heels, as well as in combination with combat boots and a ripped band shirt. Sure, it’s a statement piece, but it holds so many options for a fashionable outfit.

Certainly more toned down, yet not boring, is this long coat / cardigan from Etro. As the name suggests, it’s an item for us boho lovers out there. To me, this is a staple piece for any wardrobe. The colours are perfect for autumn, but aren’t restricted to this season only. It can easily be transitioned into spring by pairing it with some matching vibrant pieces.

And because autumn season means an overload of coats, here’s another one by Brunello Cucinelli. It seems just as cozy as the Missoni one, but rather a grown-up version of it. (Though I’m sure it could be worn just as well by a woman in her twenties.) The colours, the tailoring, the large knit, the sequin detailing – it comes together incredibly well.

Last but not least: my favourite Milan outfit. This stunning Luisa Beccaria dress is the one of my dreams. It looks like flowing water, but more deep, more dreamy, more serious, more intense. At the same time, it looks like galaxies collided. (Wow, I’m being very dramatic here.) I’m seriously struggling to find any words to describe it.

Although I love following all fashion weeks, Milan has never been my favourite. I much more preferred London and New York because of their modern urban and boho vibes. I’ve always felt more comfortable with those, as opposed to the more classy and elegant looks from Paris and Milan. This season, however, I was seriously impressed – which clearly speaks for itself.

I can’t promise a Paris wearable favorites post yet, simply because I don’t yet know whether it’ll be similarly underwhelming as LFW. I certainly don’t hope so, but who knows?

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