Wearable Favourites | Paris Fashion Week 2018 Fall Looks

I know – Paris FW has been over for a bit now. So, why am I writing this post so late then? Although there’s been quite a few wearable pieces that I loved, I somehow haven’t gotten massively excited by this season. And don’t get me wrong – there were some outstanding clothes on the runway. (One word: Balmain). But let’s get away from this slightly negative view and look at my favourite wearable fall items from Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Let’s start with a less known-about brand called Altuzarra. They presented this gorgeous silky black and reddish print dress which definitely suits women of all ages. Sure, you’d need a certain figure to make it work. But other than that, this dress certainly looks flattering on both tall and short women. It’s elegant and simple, and offers a lot of variation.

Since we’re already talking about gowns, I’ll head over to Joie and their beautiful everyday maxi dresses. As with the Altuzarra piece, these cuts are universally flattering and can be worn in a huge variety of ways. Pair it with combat boots, sandals, high heels, overknee boots – it’s always a stunning combo. 

This Balmain blazer jacket dress may be my favourite piece of all Paris FW items. It is crafted magnificently well and provides a powerful, yet feminine look. The colour combo is stunning as well, and the use of materials makes this an absolute statement item. Nevertheless, it is absolutely wearable on a daily basis. Need some fashionable warrior clothes for your next business meeting? Wearing this one, you can conquer the world in no time.

This season, Zuhair Murad provided us with two gorgeous wearable mini dresses. Are they affordable? Probably not. Should these be staples in most women’s wardrobes? Absolutely yes. Sure, it all depends on whether or not you like some colour and a touch of romance. You wouldn’t call them minimalistic or traditionally sophisticated. With some serious effort, both could absolutely be worn out and about on a daily basis. It’s not easy to make them look casual enough though. Still, they can be beautiful evening outfits for any young woman. 

Another sleek and elegant evening dress is this one by Carmen March. To me, it looks like a black, mummy-inspired dress, Cleopatra would have worn on a night out. Anyone with even the tiniest hint of waist can wear this. Really, it’s timeless and cool.

On to a more elegant piece in this collection of wearable items. Elie Saab is notoriously known for the most stunning ball and evening gowns you have ever seen. Luckily for us non-celebrity folk, there was one look that you’d absolutely see on the streets of New York, Milan or Paris. Who needs a red carpet? I’m mainly focusing on the teal layered dress underneath (or is it a skirt-top combo?). Both the flowy, breezy gothic-inspired maxi skirt and the layers of harsh black items on top create a combination to die for. I’d wear this as is. It looks effortlessly cool and modern, but has a twist of dark romance that’s really appealing to me. This also suits both short and tall women of all ages.

The last item on my list of wearable favourites is this oversized jumper dress by Akris. There really isn’t that much to say about it other than it’s minimalistic, easy and cool. The black and white combo goes with everything. (I’d pair it with some brightly coloured boots.) Not necessarily an elegant evening look, but surely suitable for any urban activity.

What were your thoughts on this year’s fall fashion season? Which ones were your favourite shows? Let me know!

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